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Why did Jesus say "Let the dead bury the dead?" (Luke 9:60)?

What is the spirit of Jezebel?

What is the Doctrine of the Trinity?

What does it mean to "Grieve the Holy Spirit?"

Did Jesus Claim to Be God?

How should Christians respond to Islamic terrorism? 

Should Christian public officials disobey laws that go against their conscience?

Why are there so many denominations?

Should Christians Support Abortion?

What the Bible say about Hell, Judgment, and Eternal Punishment?

Do we need to ask for forgiveness after we are saved?

What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

What did Jesus say about homosexuality?

What is Corporate Election? Is Predestination Biblical?

Does John 1:13 mean that man has no choice in the matter of salvation?

Do we sleep when we die?

Is Calvinism Biblical?

Does Romans 9 teach that God predestines people to go to hell?

Can you lose your salvation?

Is speaking in tongues Biblical?

Does God want us to be happy?

What is the Doctrine of Justification?

How can I get my prayers answered?

Should Christians follow the Law of Moses?

Is it ok to let your kids believe in Santa Claus?

Is the Bible Reliable?

Does God hate me when I sin?

A Review of: "Calvinism, Arminianism & The Word of God: A Calvary Chapel Perspective" By: Chuck Smith

Who hardened Pharaoh's heart?

Does Acts 2:38 teach that baptism is required for salvation?

On what day was Jesus Crucified?

Are women "weaker vessels" than men?

Does God spit lukewarm Christians out of His mouth?

Does God love me?

How do I bear fruit in my Christian walk?

Bill Nye & Ken Ham, Creation vs. Evolution Debate analysis


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Is it ok to let your kids believe in Santa Claus?

"A wink of his eye, and a twist of his head, soon led me to know I had nothing to dread."- Twas' the Night Before Christmas, Clement C. Moore As a kid I was taught that Santa Claus was going to bring me the presents I wished for on Christmas morning. I watched movies and cartoons about Santa riding his sleigh with gifts to give to all of the children around the world. Some of the stories depicted Santa as giving coal to bad kids and toys to good kids and I was told jokingly by my parents that I would "receive coal if I was bad," but it was never made to be a serious threat. Up until around the age of seven I really believed that Santa magically came down the chimney and left presents for my brothers and I, and it never caused me to have any resentment toward my parents for telling me he was real. I saw it as my parents wanting to give me a fun Christmas adventure, a magical experience that my brothers and I could use our imagination with. As I learned

William Seymour- The son of former slaves that turned the Christian world upside-down, forever

Just five years after the American Civil War in the year 1870 two emancipated slaves in Centerville Louisiana named Simon Seymour and Phyllis Salabarr had a son named William. These Catholic African Americans could never have imagined that their son would become the founder of one of the largest Christian movements in the history of the world, affecting every part of the globe and every sphere of society. Simon Seymour served in the Union Army during the civil war and returned afterward to the South where his family experienced poverty and racially volatile circumstances alongside of many other blacks during the reconstruction period . Although the war had ended, and slaves were now emancipated, the Seymour family like many others faced economic conditions that crushed the hopes and dreams of many African Americans in the South. Nevertheless, God had his eyes on Simon Seymour's son William, and the world was never going to be the same. Not much is known about William Seymour's

Did Ben Shapiro debunk the resurrection of Jesus???

In Ben Shapiro's recent interview with Christian apologist and philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig we find him presenting 3 major objections to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this article we will be analyzing these objections in detail. For the video version of this interview clip and analysis you can simply click THIS LINK . Objection #1: Many resurrections have happened in the Bible, why is Jesus’ resurrection unique? The resurrection of Jesus is unique to other Biblical resurrections in a few different ways. Dr. Craig correctly pointed out that the religio-historical context of Jesus being tried and condemned as a blasphemer and then subsequently raised from the dead, sends a message that God approved of Jesus’ claims about Himself. Also, other resurrections in the Bible were performed by a human conduit, in the case of Jesus we find God Himself raising Jesus from the dead, confirming His unique status as the Son of God. Lastly, other resurrections from the dead only